Tuesday, September 22, 2009


we should follow the rules because it's important that we pay attention, or else we might not know what to do in the pop quiz. And if we don't pass the exam and if are fooling around there might be consequences that could give us allot of trouble. and we pay attention we could end up very well on the test. There's another thing we should do to be fair. We should come up with some other rules like for example, if we are good during class we get a free Friday, or if were bad we don't get to have a free Friday we get punished by doing allot of work without stopping. And we distract other people we go to the principals office and the third time that happens we get to call our parents and explain what we did during class. Then if get in trouble once again we get suspended for two hole days. And if we don't pay attention we get an automatic zero, and do a reflection about what we did.

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