Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miguel V. 3 2010

My thoughts about the documentary are,that the speech of Al Gore are important, because he helps us understand how can we help planet earth. I also think that global warming should be stopped, because its causing natural disasters and destruction around the world and that's because of us, the humans, we can stop this by closing down factories and using hybrid or electrical cars, and also start recycling because if cut down trees, then trees wont get to eat the c2o and you cut them down there Will be a lot of c20 trapped around the atmosphere which means, that when the sun rays go to the earth some of it or maybe all of the rays can get trapped and melt north and south pole. The information I heard made me feel like we humans are not taking care of our earth. And its all because wars, cars, factories, and other kind of pollution. If I want to prevent the ultimate destruction which might be the apocalypse, I would act fast, and I mean fast because, the depends on us so it so important to do the right thing, for example recycle, save energy,use bike instead than car, close factories, let trees grow so they can eat some c20, and anything that can help earth.

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