Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Miguel V. 10 2010

Source 1-Author: unknown. Title: Global warming: early warning signs Web adress: ultimatehotmap.org/index.html Copyright date:1999 date found:10-11-10

Source 2-Author: Ozark Hellbender Title: Endangered species program Web adress: fws.gov/endangered/ Copyright date: unknown Date found: 10-11-10

Source 3- Author: Joanie Kleypass Title: The encyclopedia of earth, coral reef Web adress: eoearth.org/article/coral-reef?topic=49570 Copyright date: unknown Date found:10-11-10

Source 4- Author: Arild Angelsen Title: Causes of deforstation Web adress: wrm.org.uy/deforestation/index.html Copyright date :unknown Date found:10-11-10

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