Thursday, January 17, 2013

Final Game

The Big Idea: Describe your learning topic for the game.
What is the most important thing you want your players to learn?
Future of Football.
Research: What kind of research did you do?
Money donations to the NFL to develop safe football. 
What did you learn about your topic?
Football will change the way people play in the NFL.
Making Decisions: How did your ideas change as you worked on your game?
I simply chose what seemed more informative, and transferred it to my game.
Mastering Programming: What Game Ingredients and Help Center resources have been most useful to you so far, and why?
Clicking hidden objects is the most important ingredient in my game. Without it my game wouldn't make scence
Overcoming Challenges: Which part of making the game was most difficult for you?
Adding the magnifying glass is the hardest installment i had to do with my game.
How did you overcome this difficulty?
I received a lot of help from my peers, and I played around with codes.
What features are you most proud of in your game?
My game Quality

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