Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Class instructions

In technology class we have lots of rules, and those rules are important, because if you don't follow these instructions you may get in trouble or get a warning. If you get a warning you need to pay more attention and do not play while teacher is talking. But if you get in trouble you might go see the principal or get a phone call to your parents, good thing that didint happened to me, but theres something worst if you dont get lucky you go with the principal and you get a phone call home. Some of the instructions are:do not talk while the teacher is talking, do not distract others, keep your hands to your self, and much more. These are really important rules, these directions affect your report cards and that goes to your permanent record, thats how the rules are important. Another thing you should know is that if you follow directions, do what you suppost to do, and behave, you could have a special surprise. And if you wanna find out, you need to do well in school.

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