Friday, November 20, 2009

I am writing sometext that is more than one line. The topic of
my game is going to be about,the enviorment rainforest.
My game concept is going to be about saving the rainforest from
evil. The game is going to teach others by not destroying the
rainforest. The goal for the game is to save the world. My
reasearch for the is deadly acid rain. My ideas for the game is
that the main character has to save and proctect the rainforest.
I need to make the main character, wich is a lego hero, with the
main character the game could standout for others.

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  1. Hi, Miguel...What a neat idea! Acid rain is a problem that I don't really understand, and I would love to learn about through a game. What kind of math can you involve in the game? Perhaps the level of acidity in the rain matters, or the amount of rainfall...I bet there's something quantitative (using numbers) you could explore!