Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miguel V. 13

"Strange Days On Earth"
Part 1: The movie is mostly about invaders, not those invaders you think of its about some kind of species that are dangerous for earth. Some of them are not though. Like the termites, they are bad, they consume wood a lot, specially in New Orleans. The termites might be weak but when theres a bunch of them they get really strong that New Orleans may be only water.

Part 2: Since theres to many infestations theres diseases, which comes from invaders, those diseases affect humans a lot which is not good, because when that appens theres a chance that human race might go to extinction.

Part 3: There is to much population in earth that were consuming to much that habitats are being destroyed by us which kills species, and it slowly kills us, because since were consuming to much, there will be a point were everything will decrease, and there will be nothing to consume anymore. Climate change is another thing that is consuming us, in this part o the movie it some knd of moose that is going extinct beacsue of mosquito, and during winter they get really cold and start to disapear.

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