Monday, November 15, 2010

Miguel V. 13

"Strange Days On Planet Earth"

Part 4

Global warming is so dangerous, for example theres some kind of crabs that die quickly if theres global warming, that can happen if the degrees increases by 2 which is not good, also for the predators that hunt crabs can go extinct since theres no crabs to eat. Also thanks to global warming the famous lake that used to be located in Africa disappeared 15 years ago. A thing that provokes asthma is dust that travels all the time.

Part 5

In this part of the program it talks about the disappearance of predators. Ants, monkeys, iguanas, are being destructive other habitats that causes a lot of damage. Some rivers are also disappearing because we consume to much. Since wolf are helpful for the ecosystem some people in Canada brought few wolfs to Yellowstone park and then released them after that the wolf are reproducing which is good.

Part 6

In this part it talks about frogs going to extinction,theres about 20 species of frogs going extinct. The frogs salvation is us, because theres some people that are trying to help them, they are also studying them to see the reason they're going to extinction. This also talks about water, they're are trying to discover whats wrong with water. Its all because of the fertilizer so that means that the water is turning into toxic. There is a scientist that is trying to see if plants can consume the toxins that is polluting the water, and species.

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