Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My thoughts for Globoloria are, learning new things like creating a flash, uploading files, and much more. In all of technology I learned lots of stuff that I never learned before. I learned how to post letters to friends, how to hyperlink URLs, and adding photos or videos, I learned how to add new stuff on my blog and my wiki, it's so fun I don't get bored unless I do the same assignment over and over again. I learned about updating flash on my wiki page and making my own mini game by just putting the pictures in order and by naming them. I had trouble doing that assignment because I had a hard time doing all that copying and pasting and other hard stuff but then I understood the basics of the mini game so that's were I started to improve my skills on technology. Its not that hard as I thought, what I think about flash is that its something cool to do because you get to learn how to create your game maybe with the flash and learn how you are going to make them move with codes. And I like the flash because you get to make the things in the flash move and you could make them move fast slow or to slow that they take forever to pass throw the screen. And I really learned how to do more things in the flash because they went over the steps but more slow and I know how to do all of this. And this things are so cool and fun because you get to learn stuff about this. I do like to blog because you could tell someone that is reading it if you are having and problem or the things you struggle with it or what have you learned. What we are currently working on is on or game project with are group that we are with to get the game ready to present them to the class.

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